The Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Clinical Biophotonics (LABION) introduces you another of the five instruments purchase thanks to a grant funded by the Italian Ministry of Health: Ella (Biotechne).

Ella is an instrument that allows automated ELISA assays in a microfluidic Simple Plex cartridge, as a pre-kitted immunoassay.

After having added sample and buffers and loaded the cartridge into the instrument, in just 90 minutes Ella gives us highly reproducible validated assay data with no manual steps.

Indeed, sample runs through microfluidic channels that binds the protein of interest with triplicate answers thanks to the three Glass Nano Reactors coated with the capture antibody in each channel; then stringent wash removes unbound analyte, detection antibody migrates through microfluidic channel and another wash removes unbound detection antibody.


The assay performance behind that data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity, with high reproducibility due to absence of manual steps, washes or reagent additions allowing high translation with reproducible answers across multiple users and multiple sites.

Ella is used for the detection of markers present in different biological fluids such as plasma, serum and cerebrospinal fluid, that could be useful for the identification of pathological conditions of patients with neurological diseases.