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Welcome Francesca!

The Labion team has now a new Member, Francesca Rodà!

Francesca arrived one month ago in Fondazione Don Gnocchi, after obtaining her Master's degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and technologies (CTF) at the University of Turin in July 2020. During her experimental thesis at  Advanced Pharmaceutical Nanotechnologies Laboratory (DSTF-UniTO) she has worked on the evaluation of the effect of...
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#NEVERMIND newsletter first release

Labion team members are happy to announce the release of the first newsletter of the NEVERMIND project!

Our FRRB granted project is the result of the tight collaboration of Fondazione Don Gnocchi with brilliant and outstanding Partners: Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Università degli studi di Milano, Ospedale San Raffaele and Istituto Clinico Humanitas. One of the...
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Meeting report on Regenerative Rehabilitation is online and available!

The Meeting report about the last Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation in Virginia is now available online! Dr. Bedoni and Dr.Picciolini collaborated with Dr. Cheuy in writing a post-symposium summary to share the great and interesting experience in Cherlotteville last October. We suggest to have a look at this report that explains the updated advances of...
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LABION @Nanoinnovation2020

  Nanoinnovation2020 Tomorrow, 16th September 2020 LABION - Fondazione Don Gnocchi has the pleasure to chair two tematic sessions together with University of Modena e Reggio Emilia Register and follow remotely our thematic session and all the interesting talk of the national meeting place for the wide and multidisciplinary...
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We are hiring!

Temporary position for a JUNIOR SCIENTIST


we are looking for a junior scientist interested in the application of advanced optical techniques (Raman spectroscopy and Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging) and nanomaterials in medicine. The research activity of the candidate will be aimed to perform the quality control of drug-loaded nanovectors, evaluating both process reproducibility and...
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New frontiers in ALS diagnosis

Labion is proud to communicate the open access publication of recent results on the diagnosis of Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) by Raman analysis of SALIVA! SciRep2020 Labion in collaboration with the Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit of IRCCS S. Maria Nascente (Head: Dr. Paolo Banfi) and Istituto Auxologico Italiano (Prof. Vincenzo...
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Labion updates

The last months have been hard for all of us, all over the world. Labion activity never stopped: we have met through all kind of digital platforms to keep updated with our collaborators and colleagues, we have written projects for grant request and articles with recent findings. Now that our beloved laboratory activity is allowed under strict...
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Labion SERS analysis published on Journal of Biophotonics

Labion is working on a project regarding the development of a diagnostic and monitoring tool based on Raman spectroscopy combined with silver nanoparticles. This biophotonic-based platform is able to provide information regarding the onset of Alzheimer's disease and about the neurological tissue degeneration caused by the pathological progression. Labion has now published these findings that are opening the...
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