The NEVERMIND project (“New frontiers of engineered nanovectors to improve treatment efficacy and safety in neurological disorders”) is an ambitous project aimed to  design and develop innovative engineered nanovectors (NVs) starting from nanosized liposomes that can carry drugs to control one of the main processes that are impaired during neurological disorders, i.e. neuroinflammation and associated microglial misfunctions.

Alzheimer Disease and Glioblastoma share the impairment of the immune system in their pathogenesis and the lack of effective therapeutics that can effectively and safely reach the diseased brain tissue. The planned actions and the consortium will bring together a unique combination of knowledge and expertise, state of the art methodological and conceptual tools that will allow to study and exploit the development of engineered NVs from a very original angle. After accurate characterization and biocompatibility tests, the drug-loaded NVs will be tested for their ability to enter the brain and to induce the expected biological effects in complex BBB models and in disease-specific in vivo models.

The project will be coordinated by Dr. Marzia Bedoni, Head of LABION.

In the accomplishment of the project she will collaborate with Dr. Marina Saresella of the Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology Lab of Fondazione Don Gnocchi, Dr. Francesca Re of University of Milano-Bicocca, with Prof. Pierfausto Seneci of University of Milan, Prof. Michela Matteoli of Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Prof. Roberto Furlan of San Raffaele Hospital.

schema FRRB_newsOn January 21st, the Kick off meeting of NEVERMIND project took place at IRCCS Fondazione Don Gnocchi of Milan. During this event, the coordinator and the partners had the opportunity to present how they will contribute to the project thanks to their specific expertise and skills.

The Consortium has shown to be very motivated, proactive and excited to start this new challenge!

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