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A new article, recently published by "Analyst" (RSC), emerged from the collaboration between LABION (Fond. Don Gnocchi), Dott. Fabio Ciceri (Ospedale San Raffaele IRCCS) and Prof. Cees Otto (Twente University, The Netherlands) and demonstrated the possibility to distinguish different leukemia cells by using label-free Raman spectroscopy. Analyst News Read more

LABION Researcher granted by Fondazione Umberto Veronesi

Dr. Alice Gualerzi has been granted by Fondazione Umberto Veronesi with a 12-month-long Post-doctoral Fellowship to work on a project entitled: INNOVATIVE NON-INVASIVE RAMAN APPROACH FOR EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF SKIN CANCER. Taking advantage of her background in morphology and previous research experience in the field of epithelial basic research, Dr. Gualerzi is going to work on...
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Vacant Thesis Project

We are looking for Biotechnology, Biology, CTF, Biomedical engineering STUDENTS interested in biology, spectroscopy, translational research and multidisciplinary approaches. Project duration 9-12 months; Start date: From FEBRUARY 2015.  - PROPOSTA DI TIROCINIO PER TESI SPERIMENTALE “ESTERNA” -  Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi) e Nanotecnologie per la misura di microRNA circolante in siero di pazienti. Read more

LABION has a new instrument: SPRi

SPR chip

LABION is the first worldwide user of XelPleX (produced by HORIBA/Jobin Yvon), a new high-performance and full-automated instrument based on Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) and purchased thanks to a "conto capitale" grant co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Health and by Lombardy region.

 SPRi is based...
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AXA Assicurazioni Spa sponsorship

In Italia si stima che circa un milione di persone sia affetta da demenza e di queste circa 600mila soffrano della malattia di Alzheimer. Ogni anno si registrano 150mila nuovi casi di demenza. Nel mondo, questa patologia colpisce 85 milioni di persone, ma in proiezione questa cifra potrebbe quadruplicare nei prossimi 30 anni. Il morbo di...
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Thanks to Fondazione Cariplo

A step forward is made towards the Labion-chip project. Fondazione Cariplo sponsored the project “AN INNOVATIVE, NANOSTRUCTURED BIOSENSOR FOR EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND MINIMAL RESIDUAL DISEASE ASSESSMENT OF CANCER, USING SURFACE ENHANCED RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY” The objective of this study was to develop, validate and prospectively evaluate a new class of biosensors using Raman spectroscopy...
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