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2022 has started and the January newsletter is ready to introduce our readers to nanomedicine updates and curiosities !

  • Keep updated with recent achievements on liposome research and learn more about the major strategies to selectively targer cells and tissues with advanced drug delivery systems. Prof. Seneci and his laboratory at the University of Milan are Partners...
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The November #NEVERMIND Newsletter is a physical and virtual tour in neuroscience and nanotechnology! - we start with a virtual tour in the brain of patients with neurological disorderes under the guidance of Oliver Sacks: an easy to read book that approaches neuroscience from a new point of view! Read more


In October, the Labion team participated at Nanomedicine International conference in Milan. NanoMed aims to give a complete overview of the state of art, the latest results, difficulties and the future trends in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine. The event offers to PhD and young researchers the opportunity to discuss the results of their studies and to create new cooperation project. Read more