ISEV2017 in Toronto

Even this year Labion was at ISEV Annual Meeting to report about results of the on going Raman and SPRi project about exosomes in regenerative medicine and neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis.

ISEV meeting has always been an opportunity for Labion researchers to gain knowledge about the main advances in this expanding research field that is providing the research community with outstanding insights in intercellular communication in health and disease related conditions.


In Toronto, Labion related about the recent results obtained from the analysis of vesicles derived from mesenchymal stromal cells and their source related Raman fingerprint (OF13.04).

Besides, preliminary data on the characterization of multiple plasma derived exosomes subfamilies by means of a SPRi antibody microarray were presented (PT05.04) and raised great interest.

We suggest you to download ISEV2017 Abstract book for a comprehensive overview of the main EV researches worldwide.


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