September vibes

After the summer break, Labion has started September with an escalation of positive achievements and good vibes!

Dr. Bedoni and Dr. Carlomagno attended the Biophotonics workshop organized by the European Commission in Bruxelles. It was a great opportunity to get in close contact with European researchers and colleagues applying biophontonics to clinics.

Labion’s researcher are authors of two papers accepted for publication by Acta Neuropathologica and Nanomedicine. Both papers deal with the fascinating and emerging role of extracellular vesicles as crucial mediators of pathological and regenerative mechanisms within the central nervous sytem.

The one published on Acta Neuropathologica describes the role of vescicles reliesed by microglial cells as multimodal and multitarget signalling mediators able to influence both oligodendrocytes and astrocytes around myelin lesions in multiple sclerosis. It was the result of the fruitful collaboration with the CNR Neuroscience Institute of Milan.

The one accepted for publication on Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine explores the biochemical modifications occurring on extracellular vesicles that circulate in the blood of Parkinson’s patients, demonstrating that Raman spectroscopy can help profiling circulating vesicles and find new correlations between the neurodegenerative process of Parkinson and the biochemistry of such complex natural nanoparticles.

Finally, we always keep in high consideration the dissemination of our work and results. We care about involving young students and non-experts in our research trying to make our work and achievements as much accessible as possible. For these reasons we will be at Meet Me Tonight 2019 in Milan, the Researchers’ Night.

Visit us on Friday 27th September!!


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