Welcome Cristiano!

Since Monday 2nd July, Dr. Cristiano Carlomagno is part of the LABION team!

Cristiano is a biotechnologist, he obtained his master’s degree in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology at University of Perugia in 2014 and he is now ready to defend his PhD thesis completed at the Biotech Research Center of University of Trento, where he focused his research activity on the evaluation of a new self-assembly technique for the synthesis of ceramic surfaces with a tunable pattern and different chemical compositions, for regenerative medicine applications.

During his PhD, Cristiano visited the  Shimadzu Institute for Research Technologies (University of Texas at Arlington and University of Texas, USA) and the Chonbuk National University (South Korea) where he gained experience in surface and chemical characterization techniques.

Today he presented himself to the reasearchers of the Technology Department of Fondazione Don Gnocchi becoming officially part of our research group.

Welcome and best wishes for your successful work!

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