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Report AXA Italia

Recently, AXA has published a report of Corporate Responsibility 2014. We have participated in the preparation of the chapter about the calculation of SROI, as one of the beneficiaries of funding for projects destined to the young generation. In fact, AXA Italia has decided to calculate the impact of the investments  in...
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Giornale di Brescia writes on Labion

Yesterday, Giornale di Brescia dedicated an article titled "Nanomedicina e Biofotonica: il Futuro" (Nanomedicine and Biophotonics: the future) to the Labion activities on nanomedicine. In particular the articles is focused on our participation as founding member to the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN) an initiative set up by industries and...
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LABION contributed to BioPhotonics 2015

LABION recently contributed to BioPhotonics2015, the international conference on biophotonics organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Dr. Renzo Vanna presented new approaches based on label-free Raman imaging for the study of nanocarriers and graphene at intracellular level without the use of antibodies of other markers. Oral Presentation entitled "Raman Imaging...
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Cream Formulation for Nanoparticles Topical Administration

A new article has been recently published by Labion on “PlosOne” about the development of nano-cream for the rapid targeting of bioactive agents in the skin barrier and comprises significant results derived from the successful and long-lasting collaboration between Fondazione Don Gnocchi and the University of Milano-Bicocca.   Read more


CERCHIAMO TESISTI: studenti iscritti a corsi di laurea in Biotecnologie, Biologia, CTF o Ingegneria biomedica che siano interessati alle nanotecnologie, alla biochimica, alla biologia molecolare, alla chimica analitica, ai metodi biofisici e a un approccio di ricerca multidisciplinare e applicato all'ambito clinico. - PROPOSTA DI TIROCINIO PER TESI SPERIMENTALE “ESTERNA” – Temi trattati:
  • microRNA, Nanotecnologie e Biofotonica per...
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