2022 has started and the January newsletter is ready to introduce our readers to nanomedicine updates and curiosities !

  • Keep updated with recent achievements on liposome research and learn more about the major strategies to selectively targer cells and tissues with advanced drug delivery systems. Prof. Seneci and his laboratory at the University of Milan are Partners of the Nevermind Consortium and present you the STIMULI SENSITIVE LIPOSOMES


  • The Labion team introduces you the last two instruments arrived at Fondazione Don Gnocchi after lab renovation. Do you know what TFF and AFC stand for?


Last but not least, we are proud to report about the succesfull events entitled NEVERMIND COFFEE HOUR: one hour of discussion about major themes of the Nevermind project, neuroscience, nanomedicine and inflammation, with experts from the Nevermind Consortrium or their collaborators.

NEVERMIND newsletter_gennaio2022

NEVERMIND newsletter_15


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