RESEARCH DAY 2022 at Fondazione Don Gnocchi

On 19th October, FOndazione Don Gnocchi has ce,lebrated its Research Day!


During the day, the Scientific Director of Fondazione Don Gnocchi , Prof. Eugenio Guglielmelli, presented the results and perspectives of the work of the researchers: “In the last year, over 30 new projects have been launched, with Italian and foreign partners of excellence and in particular more than 40 clinical studies in which more than 2700 patients. The scientific value of our studies, calculated with the international standard of the normalized Impact Factor, has grown by more than 10 percent and our community of researchers, even directly involved in clinical activities, is expanding more and more “.


Strengthened by these experiences and these positive trends, the strategic planning of research and innovation for the three-year period 2022-2024 strives for the digital transition of healthcare, taking advantage of robotics and artificial intelligence to optimize the prevention and continuum of care in rehabilitation.

The event was dedicated to the results and vision of research and innovation  and to the celebration of  4 emerging researchers who were selected for the Young Investigar Award of Fondazione Don Gnocchi.

Alice Gualerzi, senior researcher of Labion, is one of the 4 under-40 researcher selected for the Young Investigator Award of Fondazione Don Gnocchi!


To read more about the event, please reas here:

Interview to Alice Gualerzi (in Italian):

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